Yul Brynner: Hollywood’s Russian Pharoah

Yul Brynner: Hollywood’s Russian Pharaoh

1956 was the year of Yul Brynner in Hollywood. That year Yul wowed to movie audiences as the charming Oriental king in “The King and I”, the arrogant Pharaoh Ramses in “The Ten Commandments” and a conniving Russian exile in “Anastasia”. Yul Brynner is one of my favorite actors because there has only been one Yul Brynner – he was an exquisitely unique, beautiful and inspirational talent!
Yul Brynner, with his exotic looks. commanding presence and mysterious background was the most exciting movie star since Valentino. “The King and I”, “Anastasia” and “The Ten Commandments” were three brilliant films and to reward Yul for his amazing work in “The King and I” he won the Oscar for best actor. My other favorite Yul Brynner films include “The Journey”, “Brothers Karamazov”, and “The Magnificent Seven”. Like Monroe, Yul Brynner was a creature of the 1950’s, an icon for an era.


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Yul Brynner Web Links

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Annie O Zone, Yul Fan Page

Annie O Zone Angelfire Yul Fan Site

Charlton Heston World – a great tribute to a great actor, includes pages on all his best films including The Ten Commandments

DeMille’s Lost City

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Epinions.com: reviews of The Magnificent Seven

Guardian’s Egypt

Sakhalin Island – find out more about where Yul Brynner was born

Meredy’s Postcards – send someone a Yul postie

Yul Brynner, Quite Simply The King – another one of Meredy’s outstanding websites.

Find-A-Grave – see a photo of Yul’s gravestone


If you have thoughts about Yul or my page please email me at crawfordgirl@yahoo.com. This page was last updated on April 17, 2016.



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